Bridge the Communication Gap

Helping fathers no matter the distance between them and their children

Our Mission

To promote positive, effective communication between fathers and their children by offering a subscription box that actually encourages your kids to reach out to you. Your children can't open the present until they get a passcode from you. It's the perfect solution to an ugly divorce, deployment for the military or work, or just the difficult teenager you want to connect with. 

Step 1

Choose a Box

Choose between an interactive box that requires a phone/video call, or a special box that sends your love and let's them know you're thinking of them. Either way, They're sure to remember how much you love them.

Step 2

Customize Your Box

All of our boxes our customized to the age and gender of your child. We also accommodate to any food allergies.

Step 3

Send Box!

We confirm each delivery making sure nothing gets in the way of you talking to your kids.