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We started DaddyGrams for one purpose, to help fathers engage their children in a positive, effective way no matter the ages, distance, or the relationship between ex-spouses. Our plight is like yours, a mixed family trying to fit all our pieces together while we face our unique challenges. 

The idea to make DaddyGrams available to other fathers was something that my wife, Carrie, really brought to life. It's our vision to establish the invaluable roles that fathers play in the lives of our children. We're not just a box full of cheap imported toys. We want you to engage with your kids with our boxes. We're truly building a movement that will voice the needs of men everywhere that have to sacrifice every day to make a bad situation better for their kids. If you know what we're talking about, drop us a note and tell us your story. You never know, it might help the next dad fight off the dark and lonely nights.

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Hi, my name is Bob Clayton. My wife, Carrie, and I created DaddyGrams for fathers that are looking for a way to engage, or re-engage their children after a divorce. Regardless of the distance between you and your children, watching them grow up through a digital lens is never enough. My two girls were 4 and 2 when I divorced in 2012. They moved 4 hours away to another state, you can imagine how difficult it is to hold a 2 year olds attention with a phone call between visitations, and I started to lose my connection. No matter how much effort, love, and devotion I poured into them, they drifted. As they would pull away every other weekend, I felt a different piece of me die. I cried at the end of every visitation for over a year and then I hated myself as those tears became more infrequent as I became accustomed to my situation. I married Carrie 18 months after my divorce. We noticed with each passing visitation, the phone calls in-between our time together became more difficult, the adjustment phase lasted hours instead of minutes, and the infamous "we just want to stay up here" started to happen. I blamed my ex, my job keeping me routed away from them, and I even blamed my kids at times. I just couldn't handle the thought of being  rejected by my own children, even if it was inadvertent on their part. I had to come up with another way to engage them. 

Carrie fell in love with all of us, and saw my pain grow with the emotional distance that was growing. With her knack for engaging kids in general, we started to send them small packages, but would only send them parts of the gifts. They had to engage me to get the rest. We started planning adventures that included their time away from me as well as their time with me. They had to tell me stories, figure out clues, or build a portion of a lego set. We saw how the phone conversations changed, they became richer with my girls engagement. Our visitations didn't begin with an adjustment period anymore. This didn't fill my void, nothing ever will, you know that, but it did give me hope that I still could influence them, and that was something I desperately needed.

Now, I have hope that I can help another father forge a closer relationship with his children. As my story isn't finished being written, I can't tell you this was the crux of repairing my relationships with my girls. I can only tell you I feel an amazing difference. If you've read this, and you're still reading, I hope to hear from you. Even if you don't subscribe, I want to help. I've been through dark days, and have more in the future. I still need the support and strength of you, my fellow fathers that aren't willing to roll over and accept the idea that we're second class parents. Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to hearing your story soon.