How It Works

Pick the type of package you would like to send your child. You can choose between an interactive package or basic package. Every month you will receive a box of carefully selected products. 10% of proceeds will be donated to a "Deserving Father". Reach out and tell us your story.

Step 1

Choose Type of Box

Choose between an interactive box that requires a phone/video call, or a special box that sends your love and let's them know you're thinking of them. Either way, They're sure to remember how much you love them.

Step 2

Customize Your Box

All of our boxes our customized to your child. We will customize the box to the age and gender of your child. We also modify boxes according to food allergies.

Step 3

Send Box

We confirm each delivery making sure nothing gets in the way of you talking to your kids.

I divorced February of 2012 and watched my world crumble as my 2 children moved 4 hours away to another state. I've never stopped hurting or filled the emptiness their departure left. As my fear caused me to pour more effort and love into them, I felt there was always a part of them drifting away. So, I decided to send them a box every month. With the activities I made, it prompted them to engage with me. To be excited to come and share an adventure with dad. My hope is that I can help another father find a way to interact with his children, no matter how toxic the situation is, fathers are ALWAYS important!

Send your box today!

At DaddyGrams we understand how hectic, and sometimes depressing life without your kids can be. We're committed to helping fathers that don't get to see their kids on a daily basis, communicate with them. Try one of our interactive packages and let's get the conversations started. After all, we know that the best gift you can give is YOU!