Monthly Boxes

Select a box below. After selecting a box, you will be given the option to customize the box to your child's age and gender.

Premium Interactive Box

We designed the Premium Interactive Box as a tool to encourage engagement with your children. The box contains a safe that can only be opened once your child obtains the code from you by asking certain questions and getting the right answers. The rest of the gift is tailored to your child's age and gender with 4-5 other items.

Basic Interactive Box

Our Basic Interactive Box contains a special safe that requires your child to contact you directly to get their code. We help with specific questions your child may ask to engage conversation that is meaningful and fun. Helping any Father that is away from his children to stay connected and as close as possible. The box has two other gifts that are custom to your child's age and gender.

Monthly Box

You are a father to be remembered! Each box is customized for your child's age and gender Add your child's birthday Each box will include 5-7 items and has a new theme for each month.

Popular Items

Some of our most popular items have included products like these:



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